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Home Services


Home Services

Courses and practical services:
- Groceries
- Search gifts tailored according to your instructions

Management of household tasks to measure:
- Research and Stewardship service (baby sitter, maid, repairman, gardener, handyman, coach, catering ...)
- Presence at home for the reception and management of service during your absences
- Registration and booking: Leisure
- Storage and organization of home
- Decoration and study work

Relocation assistance and installation:
- Property Search or apartment matching your criteria
- Administrative procedures (service moving, change of address ...)
- Home business and ordering
- Preparation of arrival (groceries, beds, flowers ...)
- Help with Moving

Party organization according to your specifications:
- Meals on Wheels or delivered
- Organization dinner cocktail with or without entertainment, hospitality and guest service
- Birthday, business meals